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Financial system for marketplace

Team: 3 specialists


Duration: 4 months

Technologies: Power BI, 1-C ERP, CRM Bitrix 24, Google sheets, Excel

Problem description:

  • The goal in project was to create financial reporting package for the company, implement financial analysis, build budgeting process from zero

  • Lack of short-term liquidity, company didn’t have enough resources to have additional investments in growth as invested money in stock

  • Mess in data storage: information was stored in paper, google sheets, excel , all unstructured 

  • No budgeting practice, all forecasts and planning were made intuitively and from time to time

  • No financial & operational results analysis practise in company


  • Organized data collection process, made first arrangement of data storage & connection to BI system

  • Simple to understand and informative analytical reports and dashboards were built

  • System for financial control & analysis with red flags was provided, together with the practice of CF control

  • Easy for-use budgeting policy was suggested, process of budgeting was structured

  • CF from operations was spent based on business priorities of management in order to develop company


  • The client got clear and visible reports, dived deep into company economics . The resources were utilized more efficiently

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