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Finance & analytics packages

Financial reporting

  • Collect financial & non - financial data for previous periods
  • Create financial statements:
    • Profit and loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Cash Flow statement
  • Sales, Gross margin reports by categories, clients, employees
  • P&L by Class: Clients, Line of business, Departments, Team, Job
  • Regular monthly and yearly financial reports updates


We combine our practice, software and team efforts to provide you with complex solutions for business. Our finance team's strategy is to build the whole financial system: financial statements and analysis of enterprise resources/performance, financial and operational indicators, which structure the understanding of what is happening in the business today



Budgeting/Forecasts preparation

  • Collect  historical data and analyze financial performance for the last 2-3 years

  • Consider all market and internal operational conditions

  • Consider your vision of company evolution

  • Development of budgets, payment calendars, forecasts which shows how the company will develop in the long term 


We create and support models for managers on the basis to make the right operational decisions in future. Budgets are also necessary to highlight the financial implications of plans, define the resources to achieve these plans and to provide a means of controlling the obtained results, in comparison with the plans. 


We develop a budgeting policy and processes that fix the general principles of planning the company's activities. We detail the budgeting system to the level of each department and type of budget, structuring the roles of participants in the company's budget process


Financial performance analysis

  • Development of management reporting package.

  • Plans/actual analyses of the P&L/CF/BS in order to achieve company targets

  • Analysis of current results versus past performance

  • Financial ratios and comparative analysis with the market and competitors 

  • New KPIs, operational reports and metrics where it is reasonable

  • The company performance analysis is supported with graphs and KPIs with clear visual data

  • We examine the company at a specific period in time - usually, the most rec


Financial analysis identifies how well a company generates revenues and manages assets, liabilities, and the financial interests of its stakeholders. We examine the company’s statements at a specific period in time: recent month/quarter/year. We focus on different areas during financial performance analysis and compare similar firms across the same industry.


We also use financial performance indicators to determine, track and project the economic well-being of a business to analyze how well the company is doing, especially regarding competitors, and identify where strengths and weaknesses lie. The final step of analysis is interpretation and drawing of inferences and conclusions


Investment analysis

  • Collect all possible data regarding your new project or new line of business

  • Analysis of market conditions and competitors

  • Analysis of your ideas in detail and select those in which you can invest

  • Create several versions of the investment model which show the number of future opportunities with confidence to make a profit


Investment analysis is essential when you think of opening a new division or line of business. It helps to minimize the risk of loss of company resources and increase return potential.

We select the type of investment that best suits an investor's needs. During the process investments, industry sectors, and economic trends are evaluated. We analyze all project KPI’s as DPB, NPV, IRR and WACC. The final point is to determine the risk level of the investment


Power BI models for business

  • Analysis all data sources from ERP systems/files where information is stored​

  • Cleaning and organizing data, ​building BI model, adding all the analytics with KPI and financial 

  • Indicators to dashboards:

    • Financial statements: P&L, Balance, CF, Capital

    • Operational performance analysis: HR, marketing, logistics, warehouse and stock performance KPI's

    • Sales KPI and dashboards

    • Accounts receivable/payable analysis

  • ​Connection and configuration of all elements to the system, testing the financial model and training employees

We use business intelligence tools for creating interactive and stunning visualizations for business. Reporting is prepared in the form of interactive dashboards, charts, graphs and maps that are currently happening in the business.

Presentation of current and historical data in context with business operations helps companies quickly move from analytics to action. Business intelligence allows making real-time adjustments as well as long-term strategic changes to adapt to market changes, and eliminate inefficiencies/problems in business



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