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Marketing positioning packages

Price & Product

  • Customer segmentation

  • Competitor analysis

  • Product/services portfolio optimization

  • Creation of a strong unique selling proposition

  • Price positioning

We will help your company to understand the best price positioning, and differentiate your product/service from competitors. You will know what the customer wants from your product, and understand customers' needs and readiness to pay for it. We will identify your customer groups depending on their demographic characteristics, how they use product/service, their purchasing behaviour and experience, how much they are ready to pay and their lifestyle.
This package includes identifying the cause of the failure of the current product offering and providing relevant to your company's custom solution, finding ways to solve said problems and change public perception of the product/service. Thanks to our recommendations you can improve your customer retention and growth your average check. We will identify your product/service niche markets and marketing communication patterns emphasizing your distinguishing characteristics in order to increase your competitive advantage


Marketing strategy

  • Marketing strategy development/adaptation

  • Budget management recommendation

  • Promo strategy 

  • Setting KPIs for your team and measurement for business 

Based on your product/service life cycle stage our team provide the marketing strategy and set of tools for its realization. After a strategic session with our experts, your marketing goal is defined, quantifiable, aspirational, reasonable, and time-bound. We help you to implement team KPIs which help you to reach your business goals. Also, we provide an easy track map of certain milestones and measurements for each of them.

Promo strategy complementation to the main marketing strategy can be prepared for your product/service. We will emphasise the tools and products you need to concentrate on your Marketing strategy realisation to rows brand visibility, credibility, and desirability for customers and your profit growth



Personal consultation

Want to get an answer to a particular question? Book a consultation

Goal: Get answers to your business questions

Participants: Damadvice expert and up to two your representatives

Duration > 1 hour


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Price & Product
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